Why is there a Session Fee?  The session fee covers pre and post consultations, actual session time, use of the studio and props, post production editing, and in person proof and ordering session. It also secures your appointment date. A lot of time is invested into this process to insure that you walk away with a pleasant experience. Additionally, equipment and props have a limited useful life and eventually need to be replaced. This helps to cover the costs.

Do I get Digital Files or Prints with the Session Fee? The session fee is a stand alone fee and does not include any product.

Is my session fee refundable? The Session Fee is non-refundable, but moveable if we need to. Refunds are considered only under extreme circumstances as determined by Teresa Arthur Photography, LLC.

What is a WEB file? A web file is a small resolution digital file intended for use on your electronic devices and social media. These files are not intended for printing and will give poor results. 

What is a Print file? A print file is a large resolution file used for printing portraits, canvases, albums, books, etc. They are sold with a print release.

Will my Digital Files or Prints have your logo on them?  Large digital files purchased for printing will not have the logo. Prints, canvases, or any other product will not have the logo on them. The complementary web files used for social media and electronic devices will have the logo.

What is in a Package? We have no "traditional" print packages. Basically, we offer a la carte, and you build your own "package" of the products that you desire (with the exception of the Digital Package). Our pricing structure is set up to reward our clients with complementary items based on your level of purchase. We offer 3 levels. You will be given this information upon request along with a basic pricing sheet so that you can get an idea of what items cost.

Can I edit my own pictures? No! We do not give out unedited images, and don't allow others to edit them. This would be a false representation of the photographer's work. Copyright laws protect the original photographer's image from editing or alteration without the photographer's permission. If there is a specific issue on editing we are happy to discuss it with you. 

What is a gallery extension fee? Galleries have a two week viewing period. To extend this viewing period a fee is charged. Storing images for an extended period of time is costly to the studio. We also strive to be efficient in getting your images and or products to you in a timely manner.

What is your safety policy? Safety is of the utmost importance to us when it comes to your newborn! We strive to stay healthy, keep current on vaccinations, provide a safe and sanitized studio environment, and seek out continuing education on the best safety practices in newborn photography. We will also refuse to do any pose or prop that we feel is dangerous to your baby. There are a lot of trendy poses and props out there and some of those are real cute, but can also be very dangerous. We will be happy to discuss this with you if you have any questions about it. We also ask that you keep a good watch on your other children while in our studio photographing your newborn. We have lots of photo equipment around, and we can't keep watch on inquisitive toddlers while keeping a sharp eye on your newborn. We appreciate in advance your helping us with this.

Can I bring my other family members to the session? With Newborn sessions we allow the immediate family (mom, dad and siblings to the newborn), and grandparents. We love getting these kinds of family photos and welcome it. However, if you have aunts and uncles, and their kids...that is a different session and multiple sessions that require extra time and fees. We are happy to accommodate your needs if you let us know ahead of time.