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Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life and we like to treat it as such with our maternity portrait sessions. After the first trimester women usually start to feel better, and between the second and third trimester is the ideal time to have your portrait made. Pregnant women are glowing, the skin is gorgeous, and the hair is just beautiful. Not to mention that you get to feel that tiny little life growing inside your womb. There's nothing like feeling that first little kick, and as they grow stronger so do those kicks and other movements that a baby makes while in utero.

Below we have listed some information that will be helpful in planning a successful pregnancy portrait session.

When do I schedule:

The ideal time to have your portraits made is around 7 months, give or take a couple of weeks. Every woman is different, and some show early and others don't. The goal is to have a nice round baby bump while you are still carrying the baby high. Usually sometime in the third trimester the baby 'drops" into position preparing to be born, and your bump is quite large at this point! With that said if you are past the ideal time, no worries, because the most important thing is to photograph this very special time in you and your unborn child's life. The session will have some limitations mainly because you just get tired and it gets uncomfortable for most women at the later stages of pregnancy.

What if I am carrying twins (or more):

In this case you may want to be photographed before the 7th month, say around 5 - 6 months. Twins or multiples present special circumstances, and before and above everything else is you and your baby (babies') safety.  Therefore, Teresa will be talking with you over the phone before scheduling your session to ask you some very specific questions regarding your pregnancy.

Also understand that this information is relevant for single pregnancy as well. So no matter if you are carrying one, two, or more there will be questions asked to assess everyone's health. 

What kind of questions do you ask: 

We ask questions to gauge how you are feeling, and how the pregnancy is going. The primary reason for the questions is you and your baby's safety. This is very important to Teresa, and we WILL NOT take chances to get pictures if we feel that anything is at risk. It is possible to have a maternity session if you end up on bed rest, but only with very strict limitations set forth by your doctor. We absolutely will not take any chances.  If you have paid for your session and it has to be cancelled for medical reasons we will give you a full refund of this session or you may choose to apply it toward a newborn session.

Can I bring my family to be part of the session: 

Yes! Most women want their significant other to be a part of the session. If you have other children they are welcome to be a part of it as well. There is no extra cost for people that you would like to have in your portraits.

How long will the session last:

Typically about 1.5 hours, sometimes up to two hours. We do not rush the session.



pregnancy photos wearing a black dress to show your baby bump done in studioPREGNANCY PICTURESOutdoor maternity pictures in Warrenton Virginia by Teresa Arthur Photography

Great! So, you have planned to have your pregnancy portraits done, and good for you! You have decided to preserve this special time in your life, and we will strive to give you the most beautiful maternity portraits that you will be proud to hang on your walls, and enjoy them for years to come!

The information below will help you plan your session

Before your Session

Get plenty of rest a day or two before the session

Eat healthy meals that do not bother you

Stay hydrated with water or other healthy beverages

Stay away from caffeine and sugary drinks

Go easy on the salt

Don't plan to do other activities on the day of your session

Pamper yourself before your session


What to Bring

Strapless nude bra

Nude bikini or thong (better) panties

Hairbrush, spray, pins

Touch up Make-up

Pretty shoes (if you plan to wear them for pics)

Special momentos like ultrasound pictures, baby keepsakes, etc.



Teresa has pretty mama gowns, fabrics, and other things to use in your portrait session and you have full access to them at no extra charge. If you have an outfit that you would like to use feel free to bring it along and we will photograph you in your own clothes.  You are still welcome to use Teresa's closet of goodies in addition to your own.

If your significant other or any other people will be in the photos it is best to keep things simple. You can refer to this Family Clothing guide HERE in our What to Bring information.

This maternity photo session was taken in studio by Teresa Arthur Photography in Warrenton Virginia serving the NOVA areaMaternity Picture Fall PicturesMaternity portraits by Teresa Arthur Photography in Warrenton Virginia
Session Investment

Teresa Arthur Photography offers different options for your Maternity Session.  These session fees are due at the time of booking, and do not include any prints other than what is stated on our INVESTMENT PAGE.

Get in touch here for more information.


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