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Being a mom of three, and past experience as an OB/GYN Nurse, I enjoy interacting with mothers and their newborn babies. We strive to make you feel very comfortable as we photograph sweet moments of your baby in their first few days of birth.  These times are fleeting and I know just how important it is to capture these moments for you forever, from their cute little button noses, down to their sweet new little toes. There is no rushing of the session, and typically these last about 2-3 hours depending on your baby. Safety is paramount and when handling your precious newborn, we will not risk injury to you or your little one. There are a lot of trendy prop ideas out there today, and we do some of them, but only if I feel that it is safe. I am happy to discuss any ideas that you have. 

During the session parents are invited to observe, or just sit back and relax in the comfy seating area as we have fun photographing your new baby. The studio is well suited for newborns, baby's parents and siblings. You are provided with a changing area, private area to nurse should you desire, and a restroom.  

baby photographers in northern virginiaNOVA NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER black and white portrait of newborn boynewborn portraits by northern Virginia photographer Teresa Arthur in Warrenton Virginia

- Give your baby a morning bath, and use a light amount of natural baby lotion or oil to smooth the skin.

- Dress your baby in loose fitting sleeper gown that is easily removable. 

- Avoid clothing such as socks that will cause indentations on your baby's skin. We want it nice and smooth.

- Spend some time cuddling with your baby.

- Try to keep your baby awake on the way to your session. I know....easier said than done with these sleepy little things!

- Schedule the session to happen during a feeding time if possible. Don't worry or stress too much about this one as we know that babies have their own schedules! We will try to plan to feed the baby upon arrival to the studio.

- Bring a pacifier! even if your baby doesn't take one. 

- Relax, have fun, drink plenty of water or other healthy beverage of your choice, and eat a comfy meal before arriving to the studio.

- Bring yourself a snack. The newborn session can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

- If you have had a C/S delivery plan to bring your pain medication, and a driver to get you to and from the studio. This is a good idea for vaginal delivery births as well.

- For nursing mothers, avoid eating gassy foods about two days before your session. Eat healthy comfort meals such as potatoes and gravy, steak, breads instead. This is just temporary. Our goal is to have your baby be as gas free and comfortable for their session. We all have gas, and we know how it makes our tummy feel sometimes...not good.

-For mom, dad, and siblings, bring a comb and brush, touch up make-up. 



black and white of a sweet newborn capturing her beautiful eyes, nose, and lips at her newborn photography sessionSweet baby lips and eyes

Now! For your newborn's photo session we usually try to photograph within the first 7-14 days of birth, especially if you like the cute squishy, curled up poses that you see in some of the pictures. With that being said, don't worry if your baby has passed that time-frame; we can still get your newborn pictures that are just as cute and precious. Technically babies are considered newborns for the first month of their life! I have photographed babies that are three weeks old, and even past a month. The most important thing is to capture their newness as soon as possible, because they grow and change so very fast. Don't EVER feel like it's too late to get your baby photographed!

With this being said, it is best to schedule your baby's session during your pregnancy, or as soon as the baby is born. If you are having a C-section this is easier to schedule. We also realize that sometimes babies come when they decide to be born, so don't worry as we always have a buffer of days around your due date. We ask that you please call us, email, text (whatever works) when your baby is born. We like to hear the good news as well as prepare for your baby's session, This is an exciting time for us, too!

Childbirth is hard work, and for C-section moms recovery is a bit longer. We are empathetic to these concerns, and mama's health and well being (and dad's) is just as important. So, if you are not feeling well, please communicate with us as soon as possible. We will reschedule your baby's session to another day should the need arise.

Our goal is to get you the portraits of your baby that you desire. There is no rush, and we want you to be as comfy as possible.

warrenton virginia newborn in moon portrait by teresa arthur photographywarrenton virginia newborn in moon portrait by teresa arthur photographynewborn in moon prop

Mom's are usually encouraged to do most of the feedings at the studio during the session to get the baby nice and relaxed before we start taking pictures. Newborns usually sleep a lot, and especially after a feeding. This helps us to get them into the cute clothes and hats while they are still awake and digesting their food before they go off into slumber land.

If you desire naked baby photos we can do that as well, and don't worry if your baby pees or poops on us or our things. They will, and it is not a problem. We have plenty of wipes, blankets, and wraps. After every session all of the props that are used in our studio are washed and sanitized.

We also use heaters, and white noise to help soothe your baby, and for us big babies we have nice soft music playing in the background.

Our blankets, wraps, hats are all soft and very comfortable on your baby's skin. Any baskets, buckets or other hard props are padded extensively to provide your baby a nice soft area to rest on while we take the pictures. If you have a special item that you would like to use in your baby's session please feel free to bring it. Let me know, so we can plan accordingly.

The changing area is stocked with diapers and wipes should you need them.

Staying healthy is important, and in the case of colds or other ailments we will reschedule your baby's session. We also wash hands frequently in the nearby bathroom, and use hand sanitizer.

this little boy just wants to touch his new little brother all during the family photo and loved getting his pictures madenewborn with familybig brother loves his little brother

It is best to keep clothing simple, and free of patterns, stripes, or graphic designs. We want you to wear what represents your style, naturally, but the goal is to put the attention on your baby and family, not the clothes.

Light or dark works well. Red not so much, but then that depends. Red is a very strong color, and an attention getter. We want the attention on the family!

For guys we suggest to bring a white and/or dark t-shirt. Dads can dress casual or very relaxed. If you like jeans, wear them.

For moms we have our nice pregnancy and newborn gowns that mama's wear, and you are welcome to use these if you desire.  If you desire your own outfit make sure it is simple with no patterns, and not constricting.

For siblings:

Boys - Simple jeans or shorts and solid t-shirts are best.

Girls - Simple soft color dresses are best. We also have some lawn dresses, tutus and headbands.

For small children it is best to have them in their bare feet, but if you want shoes on them make sure they are simple, and free of bold patterns. Cute little ballet type slipper shoes are ok for girls if you desire.

If you desire color in your clothing try to keep it to no more than three colors. There are lots of great ideas on the internet for wardrobe ideas. Pinterest is a good place to start, and feel free to visit my Pinterest board.

Contact us HERE to get in touch and schedule your newborn's portrait session

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