What to Bring

Our studio is equipped with abundant choices of backgrounds and props for newborns and babies. For our MATERNITY portrait sessions we provide pretty fabrics and mama gowns to get some of the most beautiful maternity portraits for you.

If you desire to bring your own outfits please do so, and we will discuss it when you arrive and make some helpful suggestions. For babies if there is a special prop or family heirloom that you would like to include in baby's portraits please feel free to bring it along. We will be happy to use these items as long as it can be done SAFELY. Safety is paramount to us when it comes to you and your children.

Below is a list of essential items to bring to a session.


Maternity, Family, and Other Photo Sessions

Touch Up Make-up

Hairbrush and Hairspray


One or two extra outfits

In addition to the above items we recommend that you bring these for photography sessions.

C-section Moms bring your pain meds

For formula fed babies bring plenty of formula

Heirloom items if you want them in the picture



It is best to keep clothing simple, and free of patterns, stripes, or graphic designs. We want you to wear what represents your style, naturally, but the goal is to put the attention on your baby and family, not the clothes.

Light or dark works well.

For guys we suggest to bring a white and/or dark t-shirt. Dads can dress casual or very relaxed. If you like jeans, wear them.

For moms we have our nice pregnancy and newborn gowns that mama's wear, and you are welcome to use these if you desire.  If you desire your own outfit make sure it is simple with no patterns, and not constricting.

For siblings:

Boys - Simple jeans or shorts and solid t-shirts are best.

Girls - Simple soft color dresses are best. We also have some lawn dresses, tutus and headbands.

For small children it is best to have them in their bare feet, but if you want shoes on them make sure they are simple, and free of bold patterns. Cute little ballet type slipper shoes are ok for girls if you desire.

If you desire color in your clothing try to keep it to no more than three colors. There are lots of great ideas on the internet for wardrobe ideas. Pinterest is a good place to start, and feel free to visit Teresa's Pinterest board.

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