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Ben and Carly are some of the sweetest people that I have met, and what a great day they had for their wedding. As a lot of you know we have had a lot of rain in our area recently, and I mean A LOT! There were also a lot of other issues going on in our area, and you may have caught a glimpse of this on the news or airwaves; the Trucker's Ride for the Constitution, protesters in DC regarding the closing of our National Parks, protesters in DC over the government shutdown, and on. A lot of things could have jammed up their wedding day, but it didn't! All the guests seemed to be able to get there, even the guests coming from New York. The rain stopped for Carly's dream wedding to come true; an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Belmont Bay at Osprey's Landing in Woodbridge, Va, which by the way is a BEAUTIFUL place to have your wedding! Not only is it gorgeous, but the staff are PHENOMINAL!! Thank you Hunter and Brittany for everything you did to make this day run smoothly for these sweet people.

The day was overcast with a little misting here and there. Then right before their ceremony was to begin it POURED! Carly made the call to wait 15 minutes before pulling everything inside for indoor services to see if the rain would stop. I can tell you LOTS of prayers were going up to please hold off the rain for this couple to get married outside. Well, as you can see from the pictures our prayers were answered, and then some. Not only did the rain stop long enough for the ceremony, it held off for outdoor pictures at all of the locations that Ben and Carly wanted. When we got back inside it began to mist, and rain a little, and so on. Before we left it stopped again just long enough to get the night venue shot with Ben and Carly, and on our way home it misted yet again. What a perfect day!

Even if it had rained I don't think anything could have spoiled the joy in these two people's hearts as they celebrated with their family and friends. You could see and feel the closeness that this family shares with one another, and it was a pleasure to witness such love. Carly was beautiful, Ben was handsome, and their lighthearted natures led to some fun moments in their wedding day; particularly during the ceremony.

Congrats to the both of you; we wish you many years of blessings as you start your married life together! 

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