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Having twins, and getting one of each, in my opinion, is about as good as it gets when you are expecting two babies. Of course two of any babies is a wonderful blessing! Pregnancy is a special time, but can be taxing on a woman's body, and when you are carrying two or more, well you get the idea.  We have had quite a few twins come to the studio to our surprise, and all their parent's stories are similar in that there was a bit of a challenge to get them to a safe delivery date. I'm empathetic to their experiences they share with us, because it can be scary at times.

 Naturally, all parents wish for healthy newborn babies, and when we have these little sets of siblings come to our studio for their very first portraits our hearts are glad for these new parents. They have had to endure a lot to get these precious babies safely into the world, and we are honored that they have chosen us to photograph their precious newborns.

These two were just the sweetest, and we had a great time photographing them together, and of course individually. Photographing twins can be a little more challenging, but with proper planning for their session day we can always get some sweet, sweet pictures.  We have lots of helpful tips for session day when it comes to newborn photography, and you can find them here.

And as always, with any babies, twins or single births, we know that they will determine how the day is going to go on picture day! It is good to be flexible, and go with the flow. This we do well, and we just take our time with each new baby that comes to our studio. We don't rush the session along, and that makes for a fun session!

Contact us to set up your exclusive appointment with us! We'd love to help you capture those treasured portraits of your newborn or newborns!

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