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January 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

With Christmas still lingering in the air, Ben and Tori's January Wedding was just magical. It was a brisk, bright winter day, and a much welcome change in the weather because it had been raining for days on end before their wedding day. The only thing more that this bride could have wished for was snow! But even without it, everything was just perfect!

Ben and Tori are some of the sweetest people that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the course of almost a year in talking with them about their wedding and what they desired for their pictures. I think I was getting almost as excited as they were about the wedding day.

Ben and Tori shared their nuptials over two ceremonies. The first was with their closest family at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Warrenton, Virginia. This was indeed a most beautiful ceremony in this gorgeous church. The love between the two of them, and the love that their families have for them was so very evident during the entire ceremony, and throughout the entire day. At times I found myself getting teary eyed, which can make it a bit difficult to get those pictures! This was a precious, precious time, and I am glad that we were able to be a part of it.

The second ceremony shared with all of their family and friends took place at Fauquier Springs County Club in Warrenton, Virgina. This too was a most gorgeous venue still decorated with Christmas greenery, golds, and reds. We took full advantage of their beautiful Christmas decor and their splendid double stair case! We have photographed a wedding here before, but not at Christmastime!! I don't think I have mentioned that Christmas is my favorite time of the year....this was just....perfect!

From morning until night the day was full of love, fun, and tender moments shared with family and friends. We had a wonderful time capturing memories for the two of them, and the attention to the gorgeous details such as the flowers, cake, table decor and room decor completed the picture for their wedding. But, most importantly, we captured those sweet, endearing looks and moments shared between the two of them, and with their family members. THAT is what it's really all about....our connection with those that we love, and that is what this photographer likes to capture! Once the music began I don't think very many people sat down for very long! They were all having a GREAT time!

I would like to mention too, that we also had the pleasure of working alongside some of our friends; Debbie and Wayne Jones of Fauquier Fotos. They along with their business partners were the Videographers for the day, and they did an excellent job! You can see a highlight reel here. It was so sweet, and I loved the interviews!

I hope that you enjoy these pictures! And Ben & Tori, if you read this...let's keep our fingers crossed for that snow date!

NOVA Wedding PhotographerBride and Groom in Warrenton Virginia Winter Weddings in Northern Virginia 2016-01-25_00232016-01-25_0023 Northern Virginia BrideWedding Bridal Portrait by Teresa Arthur Photography in Warrenton, Virginia Northern Virginia Bride and Groom at St. John's Church in Warrenton VirginiaWedding couple portrait by Teresa Arthur Photography 2016-01-25_00242016-01-25_0024 2016-01-25_00052016-01-25_0005 2016-01-25_00382016-01-25_0038 2016-01-25_00352016-01-25_0035 2016-01-25_00322016-01-25_0032 2016-01-25_00282016-01-25_0028 2016-01-25_00292016-01-25_0029 2016-01-25_00302016-01-25_0030 2016-01-25_00312016-01-25_0031 2016-01-25_00272016-01-25_0027 2016-01-25_00252016-01-25_0025 2016-01-25_00262016-01-25_0026 2016-01-25_00342016-01-25_0034 2016-01-25_00202016-01-25_0020 2016-01-25_00192016-01-25_0019 2016-01-25_00012016-01-25_0001 2016-01-25_00162016-01-25_0016 2016-01-25_00172016-01-25_0017 2016-01-25_00462016-01-25_0046 2016-01-25_00452016-01-25_0045 2016-01-25_00512016-01-25_0051 2016-01-25_00082016-01-25_0008 2016-01-25_00092016-01-25_0009 2016-01-25_00042016-01-25_0004 2016-01-25_00022016-01-25_0002 2016-01-25_00102016-01-25_0010 2016-01-25_00142016-01-25_0014 2016-01-25_00122016-01-25_0012 2016-01-25_00112016-01-25_0011 2016-01-25_00132016-01-25_0013 2016-01-25_00152016-01-25_0015 2016-01-25_00182016-01-25_0018 2016-01-25_00062016-01-25_0006 2016-01-25_00372016-01-25_0037 2016-01-25_00392016-01-25_0039 2016-01-25_00402016-01-25_0040 2016-01-25_00422016-01-25_0042 2016-01-25_00432016-01-25_0043 2016-01-25_00442016-01-25_0044 2016-01-25_00472016-01-25_0047 2016-01-25_00482016-01-25_0048 2016-01-25_00492016-01-25_0049 2016-01-25_00502016-01-25_0050 2016-01-25_00522016-01-25_0052 2016-01-25_00532016-01-25_0053 2016-01-25_00542016-01-25_0054 2016-01-25_00552016-01-25_0055 2016-01-25_00562016-01-25_0056 2016-01-25_00572016-01-25_0057 2016-01-25_00582016-01-25_0058 2016-01-25_00592016-01-25_0059 2016-01-25_00032016-01-25_0003









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