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Fall weddings are just beautiful with autumn in the air, and the rich colors the landscape brings with it. I like it because it's still warm enough outside not to be cold....good working weather! Over the years it seems that the fall has become just as popular time for couples to marry as it is in the spring and summer.

Last fall had us traveling to Michigan to visit an old friend, see him marry his sweetheart, and we got the extra special privilege of being the photographers to record the day for them! Dave and I were having a blast! Dave grew up and went to high school here in these parts of Michigan, and a few of his old school buddies are still in the area. We have kept in touch with Jeff through the years, and love him like a family member. When we found out that he was getting married we were hoping that they would let us photograph their wedding day, and I am so glad that they decided, "yes".

The church was beautiful, rich in color, and in history. I will let the photographs speak for themselves. The day was very sentimental, and fun. Jeff, who is a natural born comedian, did behave himself very well for their Bride and Groom portraits. At the reception before the meal, the priest along with the choir SANG the beautiful! After that the fun and fellowship between family and friends began....and hardly a person sat down the entire evening!

Now a year has gone by, and these two have celebrated their FIRST wedding anniversary! Gee, the time just flies so fast!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and Jeff & Mary we wish you many years of blessings as you celebrate your first year together. Happy Anniversary! 2016-01-30_00072016-01-30_0007 NORTHERN VIRGINIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERNORTHERN VIRGINIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WEDDING IN MICHIGANWEDDING IN MICHIGAN BRIDAL PORTRAITBRIDAL PORTRAIT BRIDE AND GROOM PORTRAITBRIDE AND GROOM PORTRAIT 2016-01-30_00062016-01-30_0006 2016-01-30_00092016-01-30_0009 2016-01-30_00082016-01-30_0008 2016-01-30_00122016-01-30_0012 2016-01-30_00132016-01-30_0013 2016-01-30_00142016-01-30_0014 2016-01-30_00102016-01-30_0010 2016-01-30_00112016-01-30_0011 2016-01-30_00152016-01-30_0015 2016-01-30_00162016-01-30_0016 2016-01-30_00182016-01-30_0018 2016-01-30_00172016-01-30_0017 2016-01-30_00192016-01-30_0019 2016-01-30_00202016-01-30_0020 2016-01-30_00212016-01-30_0021 2016-01-30_00012016-01-30_0001


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