"Time Flies" + C-17 Twenty Year Anniversary + Charleston AFB

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Recently Dave and I traveled to Charleston AFB, SC to attend the Twenty Year Anniversary of the C-17 program, and to observe the delivery of the last aircraft. This was a very special event for us, and especially for Dave and his flying buddies. Twenty years ago (yikes!) there was a lot of buzz in the air over this new program, this new plane that was coming into the Air Force, and initially to Charleston. I knew it had to be special when they rolled out the red carpet (so to speak), invited the families to a picnic to discuss this new latest and greatest aircraft.

As the military personnel scurried around that day talking with one another I remember seeing and hearing the excitement in their faces as they talked about this incredible plane. Part of the reason for having us spouses there was to share with us the excitement, but being the "seasoned" military spouse that I was I couldn't help but pick up the subliminal messages of "your husband is going to be gone a whole lot more than you ever experienced if he flies this airplane". I knew, and it was ok, even though if I have to confess now I wasn't all that thrilled of him being gone even MORE! I was ok with it for a lot of reasons; I am a proud American - born and raised in a military family, I love the military and the people who serve, and mostly, I love my husband and I could see the excitement in his own face as he was anticipating this experience of a lifetime, and how could I not be happy to see him happy!? There are lots of other reasons, but those are the biggies. So we embarked on this adventure together, and twenty years has come and gone.  There is a song out there that has the words, "don't blink....years go by faster than you think". Well, it certainly has, and what a twenty years it has been!

In honorable fashion, the carpet was rolled out for the delivery of this last aircraft, and with much military pomp and circumstance that I just dearly love. There is great respect and honor displayed at a military base for flag, country, and fellow service members. I hope you can see some of this in my pictures.

These service people have my admiration. I have seen the military transform people's lives for the better, and they have become someone they thought they never could be. While it's not so easy being in the military at times, especially in times of war, it is a very honorable profession to be in.  It is great thing to be a part of the military family. The bonds of friendship that you make with people will last a lifetime.

Enjoy the pictures of the Twentieth Anniversary of the C-17.

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