The "Wonder Years"

September 30, 2013  •  1 Comment

My son recently attended his first high school dance with a group of his friends. The process leading up to the event was quite a different experience than what I had with my daughter when she was this age...maybe it's a boy thing, and that boy being a young 15 years old, and that boy just not into details like us gals are...I think you moms out there know what I am getting at! It left me "wondering" what the heck was going to happen for the weekend homecoming dance. I am also wondering if this is any indication of how the next four years might go down?? According to my husband's mom it is.

As I tried to explain to the boy proper etiquette when asking a girl to the dance, he acted as if he would rather have is eyes poked out with needles than to hear "old fogey" advice coming from his dear sweet mom. So I just exercised my parental rights and tortured him! 

The night of the dance I was relieved that I was not the only mom of a boy who didn't have a clue, and a few of us discussed how things were going to be different next time around. I wonder if it will be so? I at least hope so!

As we waited for the lovely young ladies to arrive we watched our young men as they anticipated the arrival of their dates for group pictures. I think us moms enjoyed just watching our boys being dressed up and looking like young men. Never mind they were tossing footballs, and running after each other trying to tackle in their fine apparel, they just looked good for the moment.

When the girls arrived they were all smiles and just lovely! The moms were all smiles too! I remember those days, when your daughter was getting ready for the dance and just how lovely, and "girly" the whole thing was. I hope these moms had some of those moments with their daughters.

It was fun watching the guys and gals interact with one another, and I was hoping that my advice given to my son was paying off; at least I hoped so. I would like to think he didn't go through all that pain for nothing! As I watched these kids it reminded me of a show that maybe some of you had watched several years ago. It was called "The Wonder Years" ,starring Fred Savage. I loved to watch "Kevin and Winnie" as they experienced the awkwardness of growing up and having a crush on each other while denying it at the same time. We all were there at one time in our lives. Now that I am a parent I have watched this in my own kids as they grow up, and it brings smiles as they learn to deal with this new experience in their lives. Sometimes it brings a case of the nerves!

Anyway, this can be a wonderful time in a person's life, and it looks like this bunch of kids were just having a ball! I hope they have many happy moments in their high school years, and minus the heartaches....get ready moms and know it's coming!

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